Here are perks for supporter role that you will get after donating. other role (leveling role) can be gained by chatting actively on server.

After donating, you can DM @Shuvi Dola#5179 or @Undamned#0001 to send the proof.
Note : If you want to donate for 5 Years premium ($250), please contact @Undamned#0001 beforehand.

DONATE NOW (Ko-fi/USD/Paypal)



A : What role you can get by donating ?
B : VIP role
A : Why discord ?
B : discord makes things easier. trust me
A : can you ask for google drive link vn when it’s not available on the website?
B : Yes!
A : can I also ask for a google drive link vn that is available on the website?
B : of course! you can req as many as you want. we have all private backup for gdrive links
A : can I request a recent vn ?
B : yes! in some cases we do own bought if there are much demands for the game in question.
A : Can i Request translation ?
B : no, we are only provide vn that is already translated by community, make sure to check before requesting.
A : can we pay another crypto currency beside BTC ?
B : Yes! you can request using any crypto currency (minimum 6 months premium)

for technical issues, i'd recommend to join our new server discord here