Farewell, Google Drive

Source : Fuyukara Kururu

As you may already know, our google drive links has been reported by some user. this case already going on almost six months and still get reported until today.

idk why ppl going so far to do useless thing like that, but i know that ppl sometimes do that for his own justice. to be fair, we already plan this since beginning because we dont want to do reupload things again. We have jobs/colleges irl so this was already expected.

So that means we wont upload google drive links anymore? the answer is yes. but dont worry, we will upload the game via google drive links only for Donor T1 and Booster on Discord Server. How to donate?

Guide to donate via ko-fi here
Guide to boost our discord server here ( Via boost is closed since its already beyond level 3)
Discord server : here

Note that only Google Drive links that has been affected until now. that is why if you see some notification below when opening googledrive links, please report on comment section and we will delete immediately and change it with a new host.

Current Active Hosts :


if you feel like you have better host than google drive and current host above, please join our discord server and chat on #suggestion channel threads to give your opinion. Again, Thank you very much for your support 🙂

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