(Limited time) Request Visual Novel

You can request vn on this page for free. This page only open when #request-vn channel on discord is closed for no role requirements.


– Cover VN ( High Quality images cover preferred ) (JPG/PNG)*
– [LINK STORE (Getchu (recommended) ,dlsite,dmm,erogamescape,etc]*
* = important
other languages are not accepted. ( Only RAW and English Translated )
Example :
Req : https://vndb.org/v26523 (RAW)
Title : 9 -Nine- Yukiiro Yukihana Yukinoato / 9-nine-ゆきいろゆきはなゆきのあと
Store : https://dlsoft.dmm.co.jp/detail/clear_0030/


Probability : ENG Request (60%) Accepted, JP/RAW Request (40%) Accepted
Note : Please search on website before make request.
Note : your request wont be uploaded soon (pending) . we will review your request first. if you are lucky, we will reply your request
Note :
If the comment is closed, means that request only open on discord (with role requirements). Join our discord here 
1. You can request ONLY ONE title for each time Request page open (DO NOT CHEAT). This page opens at random, not fixed times.
2. Sometime this page will be closed (you cant comment) and may take long time to fulfill your requests.
3. If you want to request vn without restriction time , support me on ko-fi or trakteer ( contact Admin on discord if you have already donated )

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