After careful consideration, we decide to share a tutorial on how to download games on ryuugames site without ads. Yes, as the title said, we don’t get any revenue with this tutorial, but if you like it, you can support us by donating.

Before we are explaining further, I’d like you to have at least a discord account to use the tutorial. Yes, it needs a discord account because we are using our bot to store databases from ryuugames site.

Firstly, you must join our discord server, you can join our server here
Scroll below and you will see Boost and Donate Perks Category
Actually, you can just follow the tutorial on guide-bot-download channel, but I doubt you’ll ever read it. so here is a little demonstration on how to get direct-link (gif image)

1. Find the title on website

The first objective is you must find the title that you are looking for by checking it on the website. This is very important because we store the database by inputting the title.

2. Type  command /vn search

Back to #Bot-Command channel, you type /vn search *title you are looking for* then click enter. Here is a little demonstration
a example we are using are Aokana and Rance. both have extensive list so you can choose the vn you are looking for.

Tips : if the title has a symbol, do not search using full title.
example : Hanagane Kanade * Gram, so ‘Hanagane’ only would be enough.

2. Type  command /vn link [id]

You will find the number beside the title in Available VN List. Yeah, that is [id].
For example, if you want to download Aokana Extra 2, use command /vn link 5236
You will get notification “Download links and detailed information has been sent to you via DM” Thats it! Now you can download the VN without ads.

Note : Keep in mind that if you found dead link, you can click the link provided by bot via DM.

3. How to get Unlimited Access

It takes a lot of money to make bot alive and continuing extensive our database. So we’d be very grateful if you can support us! You can pay via paypal or ko-fi. by donating, you can use Unlimited commands, basically you can skip all ads on ryuugames!

Note : For Trial Usage, Until 20th February 2023, we change the limit for New Member from 0 to 5 usage commands.

After donating, you can DM @Shuvi Dola#5179 or @Undamned#0001 to send the proof