List below already available to download using VIP role on discord. Once public releases leaked, we will also upload it to website.
Note : If you are VVIP, you can get all of them at once
we always buy/update the VIP game everyday/week


[ENG] Fighting Magical Girls RPG Women Defense
[ENG] Succubus Puttel + DLC Uncensored
[ENG] The strongest married heroine gets NTRed! Uncensored (1 Year VIP to get instant)
[ENG] Little Loki & The Yggdrasil Maze Uncensored (New Update) (6 month VIP to get instant)
[ENG] NTR with hypnosis application (Min 6 month VIP to get instant)
[ENG] Payback!? Touchinv!? A crowded train!! Mizuki Ichinomiya Edition (RJ01129489) (Min 6 month VIP to get instant)
[ENG] Let’s Get Fit at Midnight, Shall We? (RJ01144443) (Min 6 month VIP to get instant)
[ENG] NATURALCORDE Stained with Lust, I Become My True Self + Bonus
[ENG] Can I impregnate myself with another man’s semen…? Uncensored (Min 1 Year VIP to get instant)
[ENG] Hiiragi’s Special Lesson
[ENG] Succubus Shelley
[ENG] Succubus Shelley 2
[ENG] Chinatsu’s Summer Vacation
[ENG] My Gyaru Wife Did It for my Sake Uncensored
[ENG] NPC Rape! Survival Life on A Deserted Island Raping All Female Characters (RJ01028487) (Minimum 6 month VIP to get instant)
[ENG] I Was Seduced By My Sultry Aunt (Uncensored Ver)

[ENG] Escape Room – Trapped and Sold Uncensored
[ENG] Huge-Tits Senpai’s Reverse-NTR Seduction! Pixel-Sex Life Sim! (RJ407248)
[ENG] Surah of the Sacred Sincest (RJ01102276)
[ENG] Can I call you mommy? ~Till I become your baby~ (RJ395300) (PC/Android)

[ENG] NTR Childhood Friend Asuna (RJ377728)
> [ENG] Femdom University Prequel Uncensored
> [ENG] My Mom and My Friend’s Mom’s Sex Life

And many more… (7300+ Games Free)