Title : Shinnyuusei no Watashi ga Chikan Densha de Nureru Toki ~Konna Koto … Mou, Iya na no ni …~
Original Title : 新入生の私が痴漢電車で濡れる時 ~こんなこと…もう、嫌なのに…~

Language : Japanese
Developer : ZION
Released date : 2012-06-29
Length : –


The main character, Rudou Tezaki, is a famous idiot.
For many years, he was chased by the railway police, but he was never arrested, although he was in a pinch several times because of his technique, which he used to entrap many women.
This spring, he meets two beautiful girls while searching for prey at home.
A strong-willed girl with long hair and a young lady-like girl with huge breasts.
Tezaki decided to target the two of them and approached the rare prey of the finest quality.
He is intrigued by the fact that these girls, who have just started wearing uniforms, do not even know the existence of perverts.
Gradually, Tezaki’s tricks begin to wet the virgin’s body, and I can’t help but want it.
Will they be honest with their instincts, or will they resist until the end?
Where are Tezaki and the two beautiful girls going?
The unstoppable ‘slut train’ was about to depart…



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