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Title : Honey*Honey*Honey!
Original Title : Honey*Honey*Honey!
Play Time : Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Language : English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Rating : 18+
Shops : Johren – Support the developer then buy it!


It’s been 30 years since sexual harassment countermeasures changed our way of life. Our day-to-day is governed by strict regulations dictating the appropriate distance between men and women and the various ways in which they can and cannot interact. As a result, direct interpersonal contact has been painfully reduced…

In a society where male and female members must always be six feet apart, even dating requires authorization.

But not in these hallowed halls!

Can you keep a respectable distance with three dauntless heroines horning in on you? And in a world where distance relationships are the new normal, how long will you be able to keep yourself from getting up close and personal?




Single Link

Password : ryuugames.com


Read https://www.ryuugames.com/eng-faq-miscellaneous-tools/
1. Ensure your system is properly set to Japanese System Locale.

2. Extract
3. Play
How to change language


  1. Hi! Is there a new link which I can get that won’t give me threat cause everytime I dl it, it always shows threats found and I also can’t open it bcoz the file contains a virus. If it’s just okay but if it’s not then that’s also fine. Thanks

  2. Well will it remove the virus? sorry for the inconvenience since im not accustomed and I’ve tried downloading this many times and the crack exe still has a virus

  3. its just we never really check if it’s really virus or just detected as “virus”
    and if you’re talking about doing scan with virustotal or your AV my answer to that is DL with your own risk, personally i have DLed a lot of the stuff here without any problem with my system whatsoever so take it however you like
    we only source cracks from the communities so if you find a better crack that functions and are absolutely 100% no virus or better you can engineer one yourself be my guest and give it to me and i’ll swap out the current crack
    smthing like that
    o yea and if it isn’t clear enough only the cracks are detected as virus, the VN data itself is original and identical to the original image nothing tampered
    such as ISO’s (disc images) or installers n stuff
    cracks are usually used for DMM games which are protected by their DRM so you can’t really bypass that with anything else besides using a modified game exe, which is the crack.

  4. Hi would you please add English VN translated pages because it takes a lot of time to keep going down. There are a lot English VN but without pages, it will take long time scrolling down


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