Osakoi ~Ore to Futari no Ama Ama Gohoushi H Seikatsu~ | おさこい ~俺と二人の甘々ご奉仕H生活~ | Free Download GD | Nyan Nyan


Title : Osakoi ~Ore to Futari no Ama Ama Gohoushi H Seikatsu~
Original Title: おさこい ~俺と二人の甘々ご奉仕H生活~
Play Time : –
Language : Japanese



…… Why did this happen …? ”
“Chupa … Pero, Hmm … Pero … Rero …”

“Hmm … Hmm … Nchu, Chupa … Hmm, Hmm, Rero …”
To the lower half of the body … More specifically, the sweet stimulus that is transmitted to the dick.

I ponder while feeling a nasty pleasure.
“Hah, mu … Ruro … Yu, chan …”

“Nmu, chu … chu, npu … n, Yu-kun …”
Two childhood friends are licking me while calling the name of Yu Uekura.

One is Saya Haruna, a childhood friend who has been with me for a long time.

One is Mayu Soma and Mayu, who are childhood friends who have been far apart.
It feels good and I’m glad that the two girls are doing such naughty things. … I’m happy!

“… Why did this happen …?”

I think so again.

The beginning was an old encounter, and the opportunity was a reunion now.
“Moo Yu-chan, aren’t you thinking about something else?”

“Please feel us properly, Yu-kun.”
“Okay! I feel it properly.”
…… Well, anyway …!

“Because we convey our feelings of love.”

“Because we have a feeling that we like it, we will receive it properly.”
In this way, my childhood friend, two of her, started a battle for me with no rules and sex!

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2. Extract, Mount the installation ISO if needed
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5. Start from the crack’s EXE.