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Title : Tsukiakari ni Modaeru Harame
Original Title: 月明りに悶える孕女, 月明かりに悶える孕女
Play Time : Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Language : Japanese



Sasaki Souma is an art dealer who lived overseas for a few years, but recently he went back to his home country and established his own art gallery.

His parents have been pressuring him to get married, but Souma wants to prioritize his career first, and doesn’t think about marriage at all.

One day, Souma heard from his parents that his cousin was involved in a traffic accident. Luckily, his injuries weren’t fatal, but he needs to be confined in the hospital for a while. While being told to be more careful, Souma was also pressured to get married even more.

His parents keep on telling him to get married frequently because of their family’s old belief passed down through generations.

“If you don’t have a child when the full moon appears 300 times in your life, by heaven’s will, you and your family’s fate will fall down back to the dirt.”

To put it simply, the family’s fate will be met with misfortune if Souma doesn’t have a child before he turns 25. Souma’s father said that because his cousin ignored the tradition and lives a bachelor life, he was met with an accident.

Souma wants to believe it was all a coincidence, but he can’t help but worry about it a little. He’s not sure if the belief is true or not, but if it is, he’ll be in trouble if it directly affects his career in a bad way.

And with that, he thought that instead of marrying someone, maybe he could find someone who would bear his child instead.



Password: ryuugames.com


1. Ensure your system is properly set to Japanese System Locale.
2. Extract, Mount the installation ISO if needed
3. Run the Setup EXE, follow the installation Instruction
4. Copy the files inside the CRACK folder into your VN’s installation directory, then replace if needed
5. Start from the crack’s EXE.