Title : Tsuma no JK Imouto to no Gakunai Inkou ~Yamerarenai, Haitoku e no Yuuwaku~
Original Title : 妻のJK妹との学内淫交 ~止められない、背徳への誘惑~

Language : Japanese
Developer : Appetite
Released date : 2013-08-30
Length : Very short


bed in the infirmary. Inside the closed curtains.

“- Hey, are you doing it right?”

“–It’s okay. It’s done properly.”

The insurance doctor behind the curtain–Tadaaki having a conversation with his wife, Shoko.

In Tadaaki’s crotch, “N, churu, chu… nn, ha… your brother-in-law’s delicious… chupa, chuchu…rerorero, chu.”

Her wife’s sister, Chika-chan, was on her knees and using her mouth and breasts to serve her.

――Dah, it’s no good. I have to stop her before she finds out…!

“… also, I’m going to stop”

Tadaaki whispered so that he wouldn’t be heard behind the curtain.

But Chika-chan won’t stop her movement.

“N, chupa…why…? I’ll make you feel a lot better…?”

“Why…because you are mine.”

“You’re my sister-in-law…? But what’s wrong with that…?”

“What’s wrong with you…”

Even after that, Chika never stopped her service.

On the contrary, she heats up more and more…

–There’s a wife behind the curtain.

In such a situation, Tadaaki couldn’t even reject Chika-chan, and she was swept away by that act.





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