Title : Tenmei no Conquista -Tenjou Kessen Hen-
Original Title : 天冥のコンキスタ-天上決戦編-

Language : Japanese
Developer : Eushully
Released date : 2022-07-29
Length : –


Klaus and his friends embark on the control of the demons and meet an angel named Ramiel along the way.
She went into the demon control zone with her, saying she had a place to go, where she confronted a man who claimed to be the demon king.
Klaus and his friends won after a fierce battle with him, but they learned new facts along with what would be the reason Ramiel was aiming for this land. The fact was strange and difficult to understand even from a multifaceted perspective.
The next destination is the place I visited earlier, the sacred place of angels, “Seigyo no Reiho”.
Together with Ramiel, who eventually began to act on his own will, he proceeded in search of the existence that was the cause of the incident that was occurring in this land.





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