Title : Ryakudatsu Sareta Fiancee ~Koibito • Masumi to Otouto no Himitsu
Original Title : 略奪された婚約者 ~恋人・真澄と弟の秘密

Language : Japanese
Developer : Atelier Sakura
Released date : 2023-11-24


Several years after leaving his hometown, the main character, Yuto, reunites with his childhood friend Masumi, and they begin dating, and later become engaged.
They have now started living together in her new home and are living a happy life.

One day, he received a call from his younger brother Hayato, with whom he had been somewhat estranged recently since he currently lives in a rural area, that he had come to Tokyo.
When I asked him about the situation, he was told that the company he worked for had gone bankrupt, so he was staying at a business hotel and coming here to look for work.

Yuto, wanting to help his younger brother, invites him to stay at his house for a while.
Her younger brother refuses, saying it would be bad for her to stay with her fiancé, but Masumi convinces her that there is no need to be concerned since he is also her younger brother’s childhood friend, and she takes him home.
However, contrary to her expectations, Masumi seemed confused about her younger brother staying the night.
However, after learning about her circumstances, she accepts the proposal and their life together with her younger brother begins.
Yuto remembered the time when the three of them used to play together a long time ago, and he wanted to continue getting along with his younger brother.

However, what Hayato and Masumi were doing without Yuto’s knowledge…
Eventually, Yuto would come to know this in a shocking way. ”




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