Title : Ningyou-hime no Shiro ~Anata wa Mou, Atashi no Omocha~
Original Title : 人形姫の城~貴方はもう、あたしの下僕~

Language : Japanese
Developer : CYCLET
Released date : 2017-09-29
Length : –


I want a soul.”
The girl who faced the young man said this as if she were whispering into the void.

The young man’s name is Akihiko Natsume.
He is a Japanese student who came here to study in England to broaden his horizons.
He hears a rumor from his friend Jack about an abandoned castle deep in the woods.

He heard from his friend Jack that no one has ever returned after setting foot in the castle.

Akihiko laughed it off as ridiculous, but one day, out of curiosity, he stepped into the castle.
One day, Akihiko’s curiosity got the better of him and he entered the old castle, which was feared by many people as a castle of evil.

There he met a frighteningly beautiful girl. No, “girl” is not the right word.
Because she was an incredibly elaborate “automatic doll.
A being created by man. Therefore, she has no soul.
She has been longing for a soul for years.
Her pretty girlish smile and the lonely look in her eyes that she sometimes shows, are all a fake, calculated and carved by human beings.
No matter how much she looks like the real thing, she is still a doll.
For her, who was created in the pursuit of “perfection,” this was unbearable.
A soul. She believed that if she had a soul, she could become the real thing. She believed so.

And Akihiko was the first person to set foot in this castle in a long time.
For some reason, the girl was moved by Akihiko, who was somehow different from the people she had met in the past, and decided to let him live for a while.

And so began the mysterious life with this girl who entrusted her life to him…



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