Title : Netorare Shimai, Mia to Yumi ~ Kurikaesareru Koibito Goudatsu
Original Title : 寝取られ姉妹、美亜と悠美~繰り返される恋人強奪

Language : Japanese
Developer : Atelier Sakura
Released date : 2022-07-29
Length : –


The main character, a university student, Yasutaka Eda, had a bitter memory.
When he goes to Yumi Shibazawa’s room where he was dating, he encounters her hugging a stranger.
But Yumi kept associating with the man in front of her without hiding it, and she told her that she wasn’t happy with her as herself.
And her lover relationship ended, and Yumi disappeared from college, but she was still shocked
and she believed she couldn’t make her lover anymore.

After that, she reunites with Yumi’s younger sister, Mia Shibazawa.
She was gradually attracted to her and became acquainted with her, but Yasutaka was still traumatized by her Yumi, affecting her sex.
However, Mia snuggled up to Yasutaka and finally healed her wounds.

After a while, Yumi reappears in front of Yasutaka.
Yasutaka told her that her current lover was her sister Mia, and Yumi didn’t resist it either.
And she forgot about her past and she thought she could be happy with Mia.
However, the man who had Yumi in front of her in the past, Soma Saginuma, not only Yumi but also
Mia who should have loved only Yasutaka is involved in the world of her sexual desire.





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