Title : Enjou Gakuen ~[Enjou Joshi] o Shidou Seyo!~
Original Title : 艶嬢学園 ~【炎上女子】を指導せよ!~

Language : Japanese
Developer : Astronauts: Sirius
Released date : 2023-11-24


“Pleasure, enjoyment, delight, depravity. Willing to burn themselves in the raging flames of desire.”

The world is in the age of video streaming.

In an era where 99% of the people have a smartphone, and 30% of those under 20s have uploaded a video on the Internet. For them, the number of “views” and “likes” on their videos is their evaluation and worthiness.

To satisfy their desire for attention and approval, they compete in streaming videos dangerously, leading to a series of flaming incidents all over Japan. While the adults are at a loss, the dangerous video streaming by the teens never stops, the morality of the young people in Japan is about to collapse.

Here in Inahara, Toogami Private Academy. There have been many flaming incidents caused by its students, and is considered on the Internet as the flame streaming powerhouse. It is the lowest school where young people who have forgotten common sense gather.

At this school which still causes a stir in the world even today, a male teacher has been assigned to it. His name is Yamato Masayoshi. Known as the “Fire extinguisher”, he is an agent who specializes in handling the flaming incidents.

He vows to his client, the vice-principal, to find the culprits of the flaming incidents and “guide” them. Will he, here in Toogami Academy, be able to extinguish its flames?

“The crooked attention seeking, desiring for approval disgracefully…… As an educator, I cannot overlook it. I’ll “guide” them myself!”





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