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When you went through the mirror, you arrived in a topsy-turvy world.

When you came to, you were wandering through a world filled with total darkness.
You did not have any memories. You didn’t know anything regarding yourself, not even your own name.
In this world there was no one but you, filling your chest with anxiety and loneliness.

While you were lost in this strange world, you encountered a boy.
The name of this boy with shining golden hair and beautiful blue eyes is ‘Alice’.
As soon as ‘Alice’ saw you, he called you by the name of ‘Arisu’.

Apparently he had also lost his memories and could not remember anything except for the name ‘Alice.’
You, not wanting to continue on alone, started wandering through this black world again, taking the unwilling ‘Alice’ with you.

Before long, you and Alice find a huge mirror made out of crystal.
In this mirror you see a mysterious world full of both Western and Eastern styles. It seems nostalgic to you.
As you and Alice were looking into the mirror, you pass it and enter the Mirror Land.

In the Mirror Land, gender swapped characters from fairy tales await you as their ‘Heroine’.
You, who became the ‘Heroine’ of those many fairy tales, will live through slightly mysterious and warped stories together with the slightly warped main characters of those fairy tales.

What will happen at the end of this story?


Title :  Taisho X Alice /TaiAli Episode 1
Original Title : 大正×対称アリス
Language : ENGLISH



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