Title : Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Snow White Knight, Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Shirayuki no Kishi, A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight
Original Title : その花びらにくちづけを 白雪の騎士

Language : English (FanTL by St Michael’s lobby)
Developer : Yurin Yurin
Released date : 2023-01-25


The month is June – the time when high school girls change into their summer uniforms.

Azumi Risa, who has now moved on to her second year of high school, has been hearing around campus that the new freshmen are bubbling over with excitement over the Best Couples poll.

Risa herself was selected as a Best Couple along with Ayase Miya due to her classmates’ misconceptions, and although she rejected it at the time, the two of them now share a fully mutual love as they spend their passionate days together.

And so, when a new freshman pair is selected, they’re introduced to the second and third year couples.

This year’s freshman couple consists of Shirakawa Sayuki, a talented scholar and athlete who is being hailed as “The Perfect Lady,” along with Shinozaki Rikka, a girl who set a national record in the 100 meter dash shortly after enrolling.

However, when Risa went to greet these two girls, Rikka exclaimed “Risa-nee!” and wrapped her arms around her.

The surrounding students let out a shrill scream and burst into an uproar at the sight of these two sharing a passionate embrace in front of their respective partners!

With the campus rocked by this… scandal? What will become of Risa and Miya, not to mention Rikka and Sayuki?!




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