Title : The Legendary Cumblade of Princess Reina
Original Title : レーナ姫の精剣伝説

Language : English (FanTL by Spinxas)
Developer : dieselmine
Released date : 2023-01-29 (eng)


To defeat the demon king,
Princess Reina embarks on a journey with a pornographic sword!?

The information broker, the blacksmith, the toolmaker……
everyone has turned ecchi from a great evil!

Eros is the key to victory!!
Reina will rise by sex with the four heavenly kings and the demon king!?

Her team, each with individual traits, also faces various ecchi perils…
the stubborn royal knightess, the devout nun, the wicked-tongued mage……!

Numerous sub-events! The noble princess and her party, reduced to harlots!?
Complete with special endings!​


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