Title : D.C.5 ~Da Capo 5~
Original Title : D.C.5 ~ダ・カーポ5~

Language : Japanese
Developer : CIRCUS
Released date : 2023-01-27
Length : –
All Ages


Kakamijima, the island closest to the sky.

On this island, there is Lake Mizukagami, which reflects the sky like a mirror, and Kakami Academy, where the symbolic cherry blossom tree rises.

Souma Kuboshi, who attends Kakami Academy,
His childhood friend, Ainoa Yasaka, a rotten queen,
Her older sister, Yukina Tokisaka, who is also her student council president,
Takamine flower lady, Akari Shirakawa,
Kako Yasaka, who is Ainoa’s younger sister and loves her older brother,
With mysterious informant Suginami and others,
They spent a noisy but fun school life.

In such Kakami Gakuen, as “Cherry blossoms of scales”
There is a mysterious cherry blossom tree that is popular among students.
This cherry tree, which shows the students’ consensus about events in the school,
The festival-loving students loved it.

When everyone is interested in “weighing”, wear a “white” or “black” cape on top of the uniform,
Have the cherry blossoms of the weighing scale summarize your thoughts.
That was the rule in this school.

A recent topic at the school is whether this year’s Kakamatsuri will be a cultural festival or a sports festival.
In order to secure a place to play an active part, towards the “weighing” organized by the student council,
The culture and sports clubs who have a battle to appeal to each other are also a feature of the school.

One day.
In front of Soshin, who visits Lake Suika, “another cherry tree” that has not bloomed for many years shines and blooms.
Looking up at the sky, a lone girl falls down along with the falling cherry blossom petals.

“Yes, you…”

Mysterious girl Mizuha Sakuragi whispers.

A boy and a girl met and fate begins to change.

While the out-of-season cherry blossoms are dancing,
The story of boys and girls opens the curtain.


LINK DOWNLOAD (size : 4,64 gb)



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