Title : Akumu no Merumaga ~Ochita Imouto wa Kaerenai~
Original Title : 悪夢のメルマガ ~堕ちた妹は還れない~

Language : Japanese
Developer : Appetite
Released date : 2013-02-15
Length : Short


“Welcome home, brother.”
Returning home for the first time in several years.
The first person to greet me was her sister, Nana.

Even though I know she’s her little sister, I can’t stop my heart pounding at Nana, who has become completely feminine.
By the time I left, she was far from feminine.
But now…

“What are you thinking about…I’m your little sister, you know?”
Late night.
I heard the sound of the door coming from outside the room.
I heard footsteps right away, so I guess Nana came out of the room.

“Are you awake?”

Just right.
If you’re still awake, let’s talk for a minute.

I thought he went to the restroom or had a drink, but…
Nana was in an unexpected place.

“Nana, where are you going at this hour?”

“Eh… um… I’m thinking about going to a convenience store to do some shopping…”

“Does it have to be today? Shouldn’t we wake up early tomorrow morning?

“Um… ah… um… you know… uh, that’s no good. I wonder if that onii-chan wants you to wait…”

Somewhere I feel safe
The only thing that has changed is the body, the inside is the same as before.
She remains a slightly timid little sister.

“–Nana, please promise me one more thing. I won’t do anything to make my father and mother worry.”

“Onii-chan… Yes, I understand. Then I’ll go. Thank you, Onii-chan. And I’m sorry…”

A few weeks later.
Nana often goes out at night.
But she has no intention of blaming her for now.
I didn’t feel like it…

Then I receive an email announcing the beginning of that nightmare…




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