Title : Sensei, Mazo Mazo Sasete? ~Ojou-sama no Kagai Jugyou~
Original Title : 先生、マゾマゾさせて? ~お嬢様の課外授業~

Language : Japanese
Developer : Appetite
Released date : 2013-12-27
Length : Short


As soon as I was appointed as a new teacher, a new reference box was established.
This is what I was entrusted with outside of class…
The suggestion box has deviated greatly from its original intention and role, and has become just a mischievous suggestion box.

One day, a female student appears in front of the suggestion box.
After exchanging a few words of greetings and seeing off his back as he went away, I unlocked the opening of the suggestion box and checked the letter.

“I don’t care what people who see this think. Spelling my proclivities.
“I have a habit of binding myself.” The feel of ropes tightening against your bare skin is irresistible.
“I’m not being hurt by someone.” I am tying myself.
“Ah, writing something like this, posting a letter, and having someone see it…”
“Even just thinking about it makes me want to leak out naughty juice.”
“…I’m a pervert, a pervert.” 』

“That” has continued since I met Kotoe Nanamori, a female student at that time.
And today, I found a letter that was probably addressed to me.

“Today, I’m going to use the same bathroom as yesterday, the men’s bathroom on the first floor.
“Teacher, I’m wet right now.” Densely…….
“I can’t stand it.” Hey, sir. 』

Eventually I reached the restroom. There-.

“Nn…, Sensei… I was waiting for you…”





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