Title : Samurai Hormone
Original Title : サムライホルモン

Language : Japanese
Developer : Clam Chowder
Released date : 2013-09-27
Length : Medium


The time is the Sengoku period, the era of storms.
The strong clamored for supremacy and raised an army, and the fires of war never ceased throughout Hinomoto.
In such an era, a small country “Otsuzuka” was born to the east of the Kuzuryu River.

It was an elderly man called “Kagurazaka no Okina” who made a bid for a small territory.
However, a small country with neither great military prowess nor a large military force, once it comes to war,
Everyone thought that it would perish in less than three days.

──However, contrary to public expectations, Otsuzuka never disappeared.
No, to be exact—no one could attack and destroy it.

The territory of the military commander who advanced toward Otsuzuka was hit by a natural disaster, and the soldiers and the people of the territory were destroyed.
Falling sick and dying like mowing hemp.

“Otsuzuka is protected by the ‘Scarlet Sky Scroll.’

Although it is not certain whether it is true or false, all of the lords of the group, including Nobunaga and Shingen,
As a result of thinking that “there is no curse on untouchable gods,” Otsuzuka continued to maintain its lifeline.

Then, in the spring of the 4th year of the Eiroku era, the story begins.

In the palace of the small castle “Otsuzuka” surrounded by the forest of the shrine, the lord of the castle at the time “Masachika Kagurazaka”
His decapitated corpse was found.

The villain who caused the rebellion was said to be Monjuro Hori, the ronin leader who was scheduled to have an audience that night.
When the vassals visited the tenement house, Monjuro had already disappeared and was trying to escape from Otsuzuka.
At the same time, the loss of the heirloom “Scarlet Sky Scroll” is discovered, and the inside of Otsuzuka Castle is thrown into a rush.

Kojurota Kagurazaka, the eldest son, followed Monjuro with several samurai generals before dawn.
Also, at the same time, the Fuma clan, who had been throwing grass at the Otogishu, wanted to obtain the “Scarlet Sky Scroll”.
I secretly moved. In addition, multiple assassins were also aiming for Monjuro’s life to steal the scroll…

Thus, in the turbulent times, Hinomoto was about to face a major turning point in the shadow of history…





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