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Title : Sakura, Sakimashita. / Sakusaki
Original Title : さくら、咲きました。

Language : Japanese
Length : Medium (10 – 30 hours)


The year is 2238 and due to newfound technology, humans now can choose not to grow old. It is a world of eternal life. Tsubasa readied himself for another school year, the only difference this year being that the swimming club he was part of had been disbanded. His childhood friend Tsubame encouraged him to join the life club, a peculiar club dedicated to searching for ‘life energy’. While he wasn’t sure what that meant, he ended up joining anyway. The club spends its days digging for treasure, eating desserts at Shitoran-tei and running a cosplay fashion show. Most of it was quite random, but it was quite enjoyable. After another day out with Tsubame, he returned home where the streets were eerily quiet. There was a special TV broadcast announcing that there was an asteroid headed on a collision course to Earth and that there was practically no chance of survival.


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1. Extract
2. Make sure System Locale is set to Japanese, mount the installation ISO and install the VN.

3. Enjoy!