Title : Saimin Z
Original Title : サイミンZ

Language : Japanese
Developer : Genkakudou
Released date : 2014-11-28
Length : –


Hikaru Tokiyama attends a school full of cute girls and is always in a state of full-blown “rear-enders”.
He was always in agony because he was too frightened to make friends with anyone and could not live an adolescent life at all.
He was always in agony.

One day, in the twilight, Hikaru meets a mysterious person.
It is as if a shadow has taken on human form, and although they are face to face
He could not recognize the face of the mysterious person.
The other person extends a finger and points it at the center of Teruaki’s chest.
Don! Don!
The impact was like being hit by a cannonball in the center of the chest, and Teruaki was blown away and rolled over.
You might be able to …… “Z”……
A clipped voice was heard, but without understanding it, Teruki blacked out.

After waking up, nothing in particular had changed.
The next day was just another day of agonizing …… over school life.
A strange sensation arises in his chest.
Something – no, someone – is coming from the other side of the hole that was punched through by the mysterious man.
Hey,” the man said.
The man speaks to him.
I’m you. I’ll do whatever you want, the other you.
Teruki’s body moved of its own accord and he approached the girl who was reputed to be the prettiest in the class and took her out to a deserted place.
He took her out to an out-of-the-way place, and he put his finger on her forehead.
‘Don! Don!
It was the same action that Teruaki had received from the man in the shadows.
The girls staggered – and then lost the light in their eyes and stood there.
‘Go ahead, do what you want. He’s your puppet now.”
It was the beginning of a new life.





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