Title : Saiin Salon ~Otto no Shiranu Aida ni Haramase Revenge Sareru Tsuma~
Original Title : 催淫サロン ~夫の知らぬ間に孕ませリベンジされる妻~
Aliases: –
Developer : Waffle

Language : Japanese
Length : Medium


Numakura, a middle-aged office worker, commute to work every morning using a crowded train crowded with office workers and students.

One day, Numakura witnessed a schoolgirl who was scared of being molested while commuting to work,
but after he was lost, he tried to help, but on the contrary, he was misunderstood that he was molested, and a young handsome lawyer, Masayoshi Ienaga. He was arrested and
desperately claimed innocence, but was sentenced to prison and imprisoned in prison.
Misakura, a school girl who tried to help her, was sued in civil affairs and lost all her work and savings.

Five years later, in prison, Numakura
learns that Misakura , who sued herself in a special feature on a TV program, and Masayoshi Ienaga , who misunderstood that she was a molester, got married and are living happily.

Numakura vows revenge while looking at the two people who are living a happy life, in contrast to himself who lost everything due to false accusations …

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1. Ensure your system is properly set to Japanese System Locale.
2. Extract
3. Place the crack files inside the game folder if needed
Note : rename the folder name into alphabet instead of using japanese character

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