Title : RE:D Cherish!
Aliases : レッド・チェリッシュ!
Developer : CRYSTALiA

Language : Japanese
Length : –


The year is 206X, and the resort island of Elytheria is floating on the Adriatic Sea.
The protagonist, Yukimitsu Hisasaka, arrives at this earthly paradise that advocates “freedom for all.
Hisaka’s job, hometown, and beliefs are all taken away from him. ……

There, Yukimitsu meets a white-haired girl named Yunika.
He lost his father, and the place he cherished as a memory – the diner restaurant – was taken by others.
Everything has been taken away from her.
Yunika is alone in her dream to “rebuild the diner”.

Yukimitsu extends his hand to her.
I’ll lend you a hand. I’ll lend you a hand, so you can give me a dream.

This is Elytheria. A city of freedom that has gone too far, a city of dreams where anything is possible.

The food is perfectly prepared, the kitchen is fully stocked.
I’ve got plenty of extra mags, and the safety is off.

Everybody ready? Daft Dream Diner is open for business at ……!”

— Bread and wine for the lost. Bread and wine for the lost, and food for tomorrow.

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