Title : Otoroe Shirazu no Inran Baa-chan! ~Mago no Nikubou mo Itadakimasu♪~
Original Title : 衰え知らずの淫乱ばあちゃん! ~孫の肉棒もいただきます♪~

Language : Japanese
Developer : Appetite
Released date : 2022-10-28
Length : –


Jūi Eya occasionally went to check on her three grandchildren because she thought her daughter Ema was having a hard time.
She is not very interested in raising her children.
She is what is known as a “laissez-faire” kind of person.

Then Ema’s husband suddenly died in an accident.
Since then, Ema has become more uninhibited and has started to put herself first.
It is commonplace for her to leave her three young children at home and go out at night.
As a result, the grandchildren are looked after by Eya.
Not only does she help them financially, but she also takes care of all the household chores.

Fortunately, the grandchildren cooperate with each other and try to support each other financially and with household chores.

Then one day–.

‘Oh my, what’s that smell ……’

On the day of taking out the rubbish, I notice the smell of semen coming from the rubbish bag and probe a little.

‘Oh, I knew it.’

The source of the smell was soon found.
A piece of tissue, rolled up to hide it.
At that moment, a thought came to Edaya’s mind.

‘They are men too, …… so there are things only I can do for them.

Thus, Edaya gave her grandchildren …………





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