Title : Ore no Taisetsu na Osananajimi to Nikuki Kuso Oyaji
Original Title : 俺の大切な幼馴染と憎きクソ親父

Language : Japanese
Developer : PHASE#END
Released date : 2019-06-14
Length : –


Takuma lost his mother when he was very young.
In place of his mother, there was someone who stood in the kitchen for him.
It was Fumi, a childhood friend from next door.

Fumi was a caring and family oriented girl who was sometimes meddlesome, but always worried about Takuma.
She was such a big part of Takuma’s life that she made up for the sadness of losing his mother.

At his age, Takuma was getting impatient.
She is such a good cook and so cute… If he was too slow, someone else might take her away from him.

Takuma’s frustration was not helped by a predator who had his sights set on Fumi.
The man who tried to leave the young Takuma to die in the past.
It was Takuma’s father, Gosei, whom Takuma hates the most in the world.

He is the one Takuma hates the most in the world, his father Gosei. She’s a good woman.
She’s as good as my mother…”

Takuma feels a chill when he hears those words.

Takuma feels chills when he hears those words, as if he were saying, “She’s my kind of girl…”

Fumi and Gosei have been acting strange lately.

No way, no way.

I’m sure you’re lying, Fumi. …… You’re not being corrupted by this guy, are you?





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