Title : Musuko no Tomodachi ni Otosarete ~Aa… Watashi, Hitori no Onna ni Modorimasu~
Original Title : 息子の友達に堕とされて ~あぁ…私、一人の女に戻ります~
Developer : Anim

Language : Japanese
Released date :2013-05-24
Length : Short


A chaste married woman gets to know a man other than her husband, and gradually falls into the size of a male genitalia, skillful technique, and cunning speech.
You can enjoy the immoral atmosphere and the sense of presence.

Hitomi Otsuka, a gentle married woman who truly loves her husband Kazuo and her son Masaki.
Having lived a happy family life, she is noticed by Akihito Ishida, a man who is a friend of his son and has a hobby of sleeping a woman of another person.
Hitomi, who has helped his son Masaki, who tends to be bullied, has a good reputation in the school and trusts him to be a good young man.
However, Kazuo’s husband will leave the house on a business trip, and the happy daily life begins to go crazy from the day when Akihito who aimed at that opportunity came to stay.
That night, I noticed that the souvenir I received from him tasted strange. After a while, my body aches for some reason.

(I don’t want to do this … I have a husband …) 

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