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Makoto is on the university swimming team, but he can’t seem to better his time. He discussed with his coach and the reliable club leader, and they determined that it wasn’t a physical or mental problem. However, they were unable to figure out the underlying cause.

An important swim meet was fast approaching and he was feeling the pressure that he would be a burden for the team. However, he was not alone; his senpai and club manager Hina was always there to cheer him on. She knew about the anguish that he was going through and wanted to help him somehow. She took advice from many people and thought hard about a surefire plan, and…

“I’ll let you touch my breasts if you clock a good time♪”

Makoto was taken aback by the half-joking proposal, but agreed to it since he was running out of options. What will be the end result and what will happen to their relationship after this wild idea?


Title : Kamikura Hina no Himitsu ~Gohoubi wa Watashi no Karada~
Original Title : 上倉雛のヒミツ ~ごほうびは私のカラダ♪~

Language : Japanese
Length : Short ( 2- 10 Hours )

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1. Ensure your system is properly set to Japanese System Locale.
2. Extract
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