Kami Karasen Hime Age Slave ~In Mon ni Ochiru Elf Shimai~ | 神殻戦姫アージュスレイブ ~淫紋に堕ちるエルフ姉妹~ | Free Download


Title : Kami Karasen Hime Age Slave ~In Mon ni Ochiru Elf Shimai~
Original Title : 神殻戦姫アージュスレイブ ~淫紋に堕ちるエルフ姉妹~
Developer : catwalkNero

Language : Japanese
Length : –


There, the Elves and the Human race coexisted, and the ruling High Elves became the Pope and ruled the country.
There, the elves and humans coexisted, and the ruling high elves became the pope and ruled the country.

The people have prospered by gaining various powers from the ancient ruins, but there is a goblin clan that is after them.
The goblin Shaman Zodom, who leads the clan, acquires the power of “machines” and invades the Holy Kingdom with his beasts.
It is no use crying over spilt milk
In an emergency situation, the princess and her sisters are summoned by a priestess and given a ring and new powers.
Hiding their true identities, the two divine warrior princesses protect and inspire their people, and fight off the goblin tribes.

And then time passed – Cardinal Gedolf plotted his own vile and ambitious takeover of the country and stopped it.
I’m sorry to trouble you, but I’m sorry to trouble you!

The princesses who were carved with lewd crests by Gedolf’s schemes, their bodies changed into lewdness and
They are bewildered by the lewd transformation of their bodies, and gradually lose their power as sacred warrior princesses.

In this unforgivable prison of lewdness, the princesses become Arjuslaves (warrior princesses), and contrary to their noble hearts, they are not.
The princesses’ bodies are being corrupted in spite of their noble hearts… (MTL)

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