Ero Goods! H na Omocha de Kaikan Enjoy♥ | えろぐっず! Hなおもちゃで快感エンジョイ♥ | Free Download | Clock Up


Title : Ero Goods! H na Omocha de Kaikan Enjoy♥
Original Title : えろぐっず! Hなおもちゃで快感エンジョイ♥
Aliases : –
Length : Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Language : Japanese /
Rating : 18+
Shops : DMM


It is the product of human instinct. It is the crystallization of human wisdom. It is the symbol of human culture.
Those are my important “waifu”s lined up on my shelf. Each of my adorable “waifu”s always gives me joy.
I understand that each of my waifu (Onahole) wants to be my partner every night.
I’m sorry my cute Waifus, I can’t do it tonight.
Starting tomorrow, I also need to be with other sex toys.

“It doesn’t mean I’m cheating…please forgive me, it’s my job”

Besides Onaholes, I also like all other sex toys.
With their only purpose of giving pleasure, sex toys are what I love.

One day while I was at my favorite sex toys shop “talking” with the adult toys per usual, I met the female president of SiVA, an ultra-famous manufacturer in the sex toys industry.
I was given a job in commodity research at SiVA after I talked to her at the shop for a bit.
I became impatient and agreed to join SiVA without double checking.



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