White Wings | ホワイトウィングス | Pureworks 


This is an agonizing wintertime love song.

At Shoba Senior Middle School in Shizuoka Prefecture, the stress and tension of preparing for Shoba Senior Middle School entrance examinations affects those in their later teenage years.

They might encounter a life of separation from each other. Some of them may meet again, while others may never see others again.

Secrets that are covered by rapidly falling snow are interwoven with a sorrowful rhythm.

Broken families,

Experiences of bullying,

Tears concealed by smiles.

Is the taste of first love sweet or bitter? Who will be redeemed, and who will enter the abyss?

Attracted, estranged, separated, hurt.

Young men and women, three encounters, each carries sorrowful secrets in the cold winter.

Embracing each other and absorbing the earth’s final, small bit of warmth.


Title : White Wings
Original title : ホワイトウィングス
Language : English
18+ (adult patch included)

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