Title : Wanna have sex with my girlfriend?
Original Title : 僕の彼女とヤッてみる?

Developer : Mekujira
Language : Japanese, English (Ai TL by dev)
Released date : 2024-05-17


A game where you click on the screen or use commands to get your girlfriend horny,
all while keeping in mind the passage of time (time passes even if you do nothing).
You can converse and make dirty jokes, get her drunk, use items, and more.
There are also important items on the screen, so be aware of the timing and use them to influence her.

If you stand still and do nothing, she will either go to bed or go home and the game will be over in no time!
By morning, you gotta get her in the mood so your friend can ram his dick in her over and over again!

25e883f5f5eefce4f6352fae420f683e.jpeg LINK DOWNLOAD ( 1 GB )