Title : The beautiful female teacher can’t disobey me. The masochism and lust hidden behind her glasses, Bijin Onna Kyoushi wa, Ore ni Sakaraenai ~Megane no Oku ni Himerareta Higyaku to In’yoku
Original Title : 美人女教師は、俺に逆らえない ~眼鏡の奥に秘められた被虐と淫欲

Language : English (Edited MTL)
Developer : Appetite
Released date : 2013-04-19, 2024-04-04 (en)


The story revolves around Senzaki Tooru, an ordinary student.
One day while reading a porn magazine in class, he is caught by the very strict female teacher Reiko.
Reiko, a math teacher nicknamed “Samazu” by her students, doesn’t shows any leniency and confiscates the magazine, on top of that she tells Tooru to come the council room during lunch break.
Expecting a lengthy lecture from her, Tooru plays hooky, however he changes his mind, “Maybe I should go after all”.
When he arrives to the council room, he hears a sweet voice coming from the other side of the door.
He peers inside and finds Reiko, the strict math teacher, masturbating to the porn magazine she confiscated a while ago.
Tooru walks in, to the dismay of Reiko, “He saw me” she fears, but Tooru plays dumb… For a while, until he comes out with a “good idea”.
Tooru threatens Reiko and rapes her, This woman, he says, “Her heart hates it but her body loves it”.


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