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Title : Asa to Sex to Kana Oba-san / Sex and Morning
Original Title : 朝とSEXと加奈伯母さん
Developer : House of Mallows
Released Date : 14 May, 2021
Language : English
Length : –


I stop by the house after my husband leaves for work early in the morning.
I enjoy a rich early morning sex with Aunt Kana before I go to school.

Enjoying sensual time with Kana.

This is a short story about the lasciviousness of Aunt Kana, who is captivated by the pleasure of SEX.
This is a short story about her.

Kana who is playing with her erotic body accepts a boy’s
accept the sexual desire of a boy….

All characters in this story are over 18.




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3. Enjoy!

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