Title : Sakura Isekai Adventure 2
Original Title : –

Language : English, Japanese
Developer : Winged Cloud
Released date : 2024-05-21


In this visual novel sequal of Sakura Isekai Adventure, our protagonist Aki was a perfectly ordinary woman who worked an ordinary job…

That is, until she was summoned to the magical world of Anthem by a catgirl in a witch’s hat, who asked her to take up a sword and become a brave hero.

Two months have passed since then, and Aki has slowly been getting to grips with her newfound surroundings. Anthem isn’t anything like Tokyo, but maybe that’s a good thing. Aki was getting pretty tired of working a dull and exploitative office job.

Aki would be content enough to enjoy a relaxing, easygoing life in Anthem, but things aren’t that simple: not when Mina wants her to search for the missing priestess Luna.

While trying to locate Luna, Aki and her party stumble across a promising lead in the form of a bunny-eared girl, Dulce. Dulce is stubborn, however, and she doesn’t believe that Aki and her party are capable of rescuing Luna.

Now, Aki needs to try and convince Dulce that she’s got what it takes to save the day – but why does Scarlet seem to dislike Dulce so much?
And how will your choices influece the romance in this story?