Title : Rin to Shita Tsuma wa, Hitoshirezu Midarazuma e to Ochite ~Hoka no Otoko o Ukeire Hirogerareta Nureana wa, Mou Ore no Mono de wa Umerarenai~
Original Title : 凛とした最愛妻は、人知れず淫乱ら妻へと堕ちて ~他の男を受け挿れ拡げられた濡れ穴は、もう俺のモノでは埋められない~, 凛とした最愛妻(つま)は、人知れず淫乱ら(みだら)妻へと堕ちて, Rintsuma


Hirokazu and Madoka, who met in the same seminar at university, were leading a peaceful life as a dual-earner couple.
The only complaint is that his wife earns more money than him, and that their nightly activities are a little too boring.

But recently, there was something that bothered him.
A chance encounter with Shogo Makino, the man who used to be interested in Madoka.
This brings back memories that he had been trying to avoid remembering.

A hint of anxiety sprouts in his daily life.
How will that man be involved in the days to come?
Or will nothing happen at all and things will continue to go on peacefully?


LINK DOWNLOAD (size : 2,9 gb)



Read this before asking technical issues on #help-chat discord server
>You need winrar to extract the files and input the password
>if the game was pre-install version, you only need to run game.exe using system japanese locale or locale emulator (Read this)
>If the installer using  .mdf, .iso format, you need to mount it using daemon tools (Read this) and use the following guide :

1. Run the setup.exe using system japanese locale or locale emulator (Read this)
2. Install the game on desired directory
3. Run the game using system japanese locale or locale emulator (Read this). if serial pop-up occurs, you need a crack ( check other folder/file, usually we put the crack inside rar)