Title : Puppeteer: Control
Original Title : 人形遣い : コントロール

Language : English (Official)
Developer : Towndarktales
Released date : 2023-09-14


Discover the truth behind the appearance of the Puppet Master from the series of games starring Chelsea.
Learn of his actual role in the game, as well as his connection to the moonlit world and Jester.
In the game, the Puppet Master has six girls to target.
After collecting every fragment of their dreams, he can send their souls to his Dollhouse.

When in the human world, the Puppet Master has a certain amount of time to learn the dreams of the one he came for.
You need five dream fragments in total to be able to send a soul to the Dollhouse.
The process of collecting dream fragments is easy and natural,
you are not bound to run into some complications throughout the game, especially when collecting the girls’ souls.
You can get extra time by switching to different souls to go after.
The adult parts of the game cannot be avoided; the Puppet Master never had a choice in her path.​