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The Sashiharas, Yasushi and Mariko, are newlyweds. When their marriage begins to stagnate, he suspects she’s having sex with someone else.

When Yasushi confronts Mariko and demands to know the truth, she tells him the intimate details of her affair: her other partner’s trouble climaxing, and how it means he can keep going for hours. Her multiple orgasms, which are something Yasushi can never give her. How he reached the deepest places inside her, awaking her to that new pleasure…

Yasushi’s reaction to the confessions is extreme jealousy, but also incredible arousal, so he makes a request of his wife:

“I want to watch.”

“You really want that?” Mariko asks.

“You want me to lose myself, right in front of you…? Are you sure?”

Yasushi nods, and Mariko smiles faintly. Their marriage will never be stagnant again…


Title :  Ai Suru Tsuma, Mariko ga Rinshitsu de Dakareru Made ~Anata ga Shiranai Koto, Kare ga Takusan Oshiete Kuremashita~ [JP]
Title :  Please Bang My Wife [ENG]
Original Title : 愛する妻、真理子が隣室で抱かれるまで ~あなたが知らない事、彼がたくさん教えてくれました~

Language : English
Length : Short (2 – 10 hours)


LINK DOWNLOAD (size : 492 mb)



1. Extract
2. Play and run with Japanese Locale Emulator

3. Enjoy!

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