Title : No:Worse
Original Title : –

Language : English, Russia
Developer : Aleksej Izimov
Released date : 2023-03-16


Natsu Kashigaru understands from a very young age that there is no justice.
Soon he graduates from Tokyo University of the Arts, but he has no job offers or life plans. Natsu has no idea what to do now. He would love to give it all up and become a free artist, but poor finances forbid him to even dream about it.
The only thing he has is four beautiful girls to support him on his arduous journey as an artist. Natsu utterly cannot let them live in poverty.
And out of the blue, life gives him a chance to change everything.
The Tokyo University of Arts is hosting two art competitions for its alumni – the last chance to make a name for young artists.
Natsu is bound to win the prize in one of the competitions. And at the same time, to not forget the things he loves.




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