Title : My Grandmother ~Grandma, you’re wet~, Boku no Sobo ~Obaa-chan, Nureteru yo?~
Original Title : ボクの祖母 ~おばあちゃん、濡れてるよ?~

Language : English (Edited MTL)
Developer : Appetite
Released date : 2024-04-01 (en)


Rumiko’s husband passes away leaving her all alone and depressed, worried about her well-being, Rumiko’s daughter, Mimi and her family move to her house and start living with her.
Koujiro, Mimi’s son and Rumiko’s Grandson is very attached to his Grandma, constantly fawning over her.
One day while feeling lonely, Rumiko decides to console herself. To her dismay, she is caught in the act by her Grandson, Koujiro.
Koujiro begins rubbing his crotch right in front of Rumiko, to her surprise. “I’ll help” says Rumiko, she can’t resist the urge welling up inside her.
During the act she sees an illusion of her late husband reflected of Koujiro…
She knows she shouldn’t, but the image of her late husband and the cuteness of her Grandson are impossible to resist… Or perhaps is something else…​

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