Title : Hoka no Otoko no Seieki de Haramu Toki 1 & AFTER STORY ~Fusuma no Mukou de Seieki o Sosogikomareteiru Tsuma~
Original Title : 他の男の精液で孕むとき1&AFTER STORY ~襖の向こうで精液を注ぎ込まれている妻~
Developer : Atelier Sakura
Released Date : 2022-05-13
Language : English Full TL (The after story is not translated yet)
Length : –


3 years after giving birth to their long-awaited daughter Mizuho, Emi and Hideaki keep showering her with love. On the outside, they seem like a happy family. However, Hideaki is still troubled by his infertility. The married couple has been trying for a second child for a while now despite the disease, but to no avail. One day, Hideaki’s brother Shuuma, Mizuho’s real father, returns home for a long vacation.

To this day, Hideaki still doesn’t know that Emi and Shuuma had a real affair behind his back. Maybe because of this, Hideaki asks his brother a taboo question yet again.
“Will you help us conceive a second child?”



Password :
note :
run GAME.exe to play the game (JP Locale Recommended)

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