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Title : Elf no Oyome-san ~Harem Kon Suishou~
Original Title : エルフのお嫁さん~ハーレム婚推奨~
Developer : North Box

Language : Japanese
Length :


I’m an old man who is addicted to be alone.
Today’s camp is in a completely solo state by myself.
Moreover, it was wrapped in a scary thick fog.
I’m scared to bake meat.
An elf lady no matter where she appears from the fog.
Of course, big breasts (important here).
At first I thought it was cosplay, but it looks different. Something real.
What …
It turned out that he had transferred to another world while grilling the meat!
Something was rejuvenating and I was in the middle of the Taijukai before I knew it.

I, who has no destination, is protected by an elf who calls himself Chris and is taken home.
It seems to help in exchange for my magical power.
Eh, magical power to me?
Before I knew it, something like that !?
Moreover, it is the magical power supply, but from my point of view [it was a normal sexual activity !!]

I was nominated as the keeper of the world tree in the forest of the temple, which is the sanctuary of the elves.
Four big-breasted elves, including Chris, live in the forest.
Of course, it supplies magical power to everyone!
I even prepared a gakuen to supply magical power more efficiently.
Eh, is it “Gakuen” or “Gakuen” !?

Four elves (big breasts) who protect the sanctuary with me, a former old man who exploded tension in a different world.
Is this a dream or a reality?
A harem life called magical power supply begins with the elves.

In addition to polygamy-like days and school situations, my magical power is even richer!

It ’s hard!
Semen Mashimashi !! (MTL)

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