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Title : Anata no Koto o Suki to Iwasete
Original Title : あなたの事を好きと言わせて
Aliases : Let Me Say I Love You
Length : Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Language : Japanese
Rating : 18+


Kousuke is the only son of the noble Wakamiya family and has lived a life with no worries. His wish for an ordinary school life was shattered when his grandfather suddenly appeared, displeased that Kousuke didn’t have a girlfriend and threw him out of the mansion until he learned how to be dependable to girls. Now living alone in a single detached house with only the bare necessities, he was at a loss at how to fulfill his grandfather’s requirement. He asked his friends at school for their help and their only suggestion was for him to get a girlfriend and naturally he would become more dependable. However, Kousuke did not have any dating experience, so he thought that this would be an impossible task. That’s when the school idol Yukino, having overheard his conversation, asked him if he would like to become pretend-lovers with her.



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