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Title : 3-nin Iru! ~Happy Wedding in Livingroom~
Original Title : 3人いる! ~Happy Wedding in Livingroom~

Language : Japanese
Length : Medium ( 10 – 30 Hours )


In the midst of a recession, Atsuyuki spent every day attending university and doing part-time jobs to pay off his tuition and living expenses. Of course, he had no time to get a girlfriend nor go out with his friends. However, his part-time job suddenly disappeared and he no longer had a source of income. He was at a loss of how to accrue so much money to cover his expenses.

Returning home for a visit, his uncle recommended a live-in part-time job to him. He quickly jumped at the opportunity which offered both money and a place to live. Arriving at a fine new single house, he was greeted by three girls who introduced themselves as his wife! Just what kind of part-time job was this!? It was for researching newly-wed families, but what was he supposed to do!?


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1. Ensure your system is properly set to Japanese System Locale.
2. Extract, moun the ISO, run the setup, install