Title : Anta, Shojo Maku Yaburu no Suki Sugitsu!, You Love Breaking Hymens Too Much!, You Like to Tear My Virginity Film Too Much!
Original Title : あんた、処女膜やぶるの好きすぎっ!
Language : Japanese
Developer : Futsumen-ya, フツメン屋
Released date : 2024-02-21


After reading a book on picking up girls, the protagonist tries to pick up girls, but the girls he passes by don’t even listen to him.

The book says to “target girls who are not resistant to men and seem to like playing around,” but he realizes that as a virgin, it’s actually easier to talk to girls who don’t like playing around.

In front of the station, the protagonist approaches a girl (Shizuku) who seems to have strict standards for chastity.

Shizuku is clearly not used to picking up girls, and seems flustered when the protagonist asks her if she’s a virgin.

When the protagonist begs her to at least show him her hymen, Shizuku finally gives in and agrees to go to the protagonist’s house…!