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Title : Yobai Suru Nananin no Harame 1+2
Original title : 夜這いする七人の孕女1・2 同梱パック
Aliases : 夜這いする七人の孕女2
Length : –
Language : Japanese


Masaya Kuga was born in a fatherless family. While working as a doctor a letter reaches him informing him of the recent death of his long-absent father. In order to confirm this, he decides to travel to the island where his father was born. His father’s home village seems slightly deserted, but peaceful. There he starts to work as a doctor again, surrounded by girls he leads an enjoyable and easygoing life.

After a while Masaya starts to experience the same dreams each night. “Several girls come to visit me while I sleep, and urge me for sex”. “Why did I start having these dreams, I wonder?”. As Masaya worries about this time passes slowly but surely.

What awaits Masaya in the end?

Kamijou Masaki is an archeology university student in a city in a certain countryside. His future workplace is already decided, and the only thing he needs is to wait until graduation.

When the university entered the summer break, he was called to the country side by his uncle and aunt with whom he was on very good terms. However, when he arrived, he couldn’t find the uncle who has called him and instead, he was greeted by a servant. According to her, his uncle was acting as the village chief and a chief of the local government office, and he was in charge of lots of things. However, he had to go overseas because of work and instead, called Masaki to take his place.

Masaki was perplexed by the unexpected situation. However, there were small ruins in the back of the village and he was told he could freely excavate so he decided to agree to stay in the village for the summer break. And so, Masaki started working instead of his uncle, although there wasn’t any really important work, the villagers often asked him to do various things and there were plenty of odd jobs to do so he was quite busy. Still, he enjoyed the days with the villagers and excavation of the ruins.

However, other than that, he was worried by something that has been happening ever since he came to the village. For some reason, every night he saw certain dreams, “dreams of doing lewd things every night with the women he met in the village, every night it being someone else”…

Sometimes, women assault him in his sleep, sometimes he takes the lead… Normally, he would never believe in such dreams. In fact, were they really dreams?

A dream, or reality… What is the truth awaiting Masaki…?


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