The deadline is 31 March 2024

If we can’t reach the target, we will downgrade the tier 🥹

Latest update : 20 Mar 2024

you will get all VIP or VVIP perks and additional 1450 coins/credit for newcomer donation! and more bonus! Hopefully this month we can reach the target before the deadline, since this is very important for the website.

what happen if we cant pay the requested amount at the deadline day? basically :

1.) the server service that we are using now is going to be downgraded to a lower tier/lower service. which means : lower loading speed on the browser

the site wont be dead completely, but after the downgrading is complete, it might affect your browsing experience.

if you take a look back this 1 year since we bought this service, the site doesnt have any major problem at all. therefore, we would like to keep using this tier’s service if possible, since we value our visitor’s experience above anything else (even if its going to break our bank). but we arent going to force any of you to donate. hopefully this would clarify the situation, and we hope you will keep enjoying our service! ^_^

After donating, you can DM @shuvidolaaa or @undamned to send the proof