Study § Steady | スタディ§ステディ | Marmalade


Title : Study § Steady
Original Title : スタディ§ステディ
Language : English, Japanese, Chinese

Length : Long (30 – 50 hours)


Her first lesson about love started when she met you.
As you two spend time together, she gradually changes herself to match your type.

Perhaps she might call you by another name. Just by doing that, what had been normal conversations up till now would surely feel somehow more special. Hearing these whispers of love every day, whether with others or alone, will make you love her more and more.

Perhaps she might change her hairstyle. Surely it’s her way of mustering up the courage to appeal to you. How you will respond to her feelings is up to you.

Before long you will become true lovers. This is what they call ‘going steady’.

Returning from school together while holding hands.
An unexpected time alone in the classroom after school.
Exchanging presents during Christmas.
Welcoming the new year together at the temple.

Such a love story only for you is surely out there…


OS: Windows:7/8.1/10
CPU: Core2Duo 2.66GHz or higher
Memory: 2GB
Sound: PCM
Display: 1920×1080 or higher (Full HD)




Crack fix v1 : download
Crack fix v2 : download ( if v1 still does not work )
Password :


You have to turn off your antivirus and windows defender!
1. Extract

2. For ststeady_crack.exe you can delete and replace the old .exe with Crack v2


  1. can’t thank you enough, never have expected someone cracked this real fast since it contains denuvo, i legit thought that i had to wait for a month or two just to play this vn. now if only someone able to cracked the new translated suzukuri dungeon from johren, that’d be great.

  2. I have downloaded and extracted it, but when i double click the crack application it only shows the makers name and doesnt activate the vm, so I was wondering if someone could tell me how to activate the game, with the crack.

  3. Min untuk download bisa disediakan Acefile ga? Soalnya limit terus
    Kalo di Acefile bisa diatasi limitnya [Acefile itu pake Google Drive]
    Di Acefile bisa kaya gitu

  4. Ya waktu saya buka system nya bilang combase dll missing terus saya download manual pertama ada error oxcooo7p karena Salah download dll karena game in pakai yang 32 bit terus saya ganti malah ada error entry point rcpt4. Saya kira bisa diakali seperti kami machi yang harus download days.dll

  5. Combase.dll error. Antivirus dll sudah off. Download manual dll, muncul error message yang lain.

  6. Anyone know where to find a walkthrough? Also in the game when I try to choose a certain interaction it often leads to another one, i.e I choose to go to the park but I end up in mall instead. Did this happen to others as well? Is it because I don’t have enough flags or is there an enforced route order?

  7. The crack seemed to stop working. I got through 1 route and after that the crack not only didn’t work it completely disappeared.

  8. I didn’t turn off Windows Defender(I was going to do it later after I checked if the files were extracted corectly) and when I went to the folder to which I exctacted the files it recognised the crack as a trojan. Is it true or false? I’m scared that this crack might actually be dangerous. It quarantined it and I removed it from my computer along with “Study Steady” folder because I was scared that my computer was infected.

  9. I dunno , the game seems kinda broken for me , i click to go to one street them it goes to another place , them when i try to go to one route it puts me to another and puts all routes inside one , it is a mess really , like , one route has like 3 girls routes inserted and some scenes jump from one place to another.

  10. All denuvo crack’s trigger false positives because denuvo is identical to malware it the way it acts and a crack is imitating the denuvo drm. The only reason denuvo itself doesn’t trigger anything is because their investors pay good money to make it appear clean. Some even claim that denuvo itself is malware. cracks tend to net some false positives so it’s their number that matters i.e it’s best to upload them to and look at what each program reads and post it the link here to ask about what others think.

  11. Min Surat/Letter ga kebaca atau ga Muncul semuanya, Cuma ada satu Rute aja yang muncul
    Rute Nanoka doang, yang lainnya (Rute) ga muncul Surat/Letternya.
    [Udah Pake crack v2 dan Replace]

  12. I always get this Japanese pop-up whenever I’m just playing the VN for a bit that sounds like an error report or something and the game then crashes. Any recommendations on what to do?

  13. the error on the swimming pool scene right after the first heroine choice selection right?
    this might help you :
    1. Set your system locale to japanese
    2. Use Crack v2
    3. if (2) still doesnt work, try set the compability setting.
    4. Run (2) as Administrator
    if still doesnt work, you can check on official site and there might be a fixed patch for it.

  14. There’s a patch in shiravune discord, for those of you who might experiencing some kind of trouble you can grab the patch from their discord

  15. Here’s the link

    To apply the patch:
    Precautions: Back up your script.noa and ststsys.noa files within the game directory, and your saves under AppData/Roaming/Marmalade.
    1. Download this ZIP archive.
    2. Overwrite the script.noa and ststsys.noa files in the game archives with the files contained in this download.
    3. Enjoy!

    Warning : not compatible with the existing saves

  16. Could u guys help me, my game is running but there is no sprite, i play it for a while but still i havent seen any sprite and when i watch it on yt i could see some sprite on the common route which i played

  17. I tried to reboot it many times, and already tried redownloading it and applied those patches but still the same

  18. Even with the crack V2 I download from “Crack fix” it still crashing is there a reason as to why this’s the case?


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